We produce, store and transport clean hydrogen


We want to live in a world where emission-free, safe, and sustainable energy is available everywhere and affordable for everyone. We will provide technologies to produce clean, Greenhouse Gas-emission free hydrogen and technologies to safely store, transport and release it, whenever and wherever required. We see a world in which everyone will have the ability to contribute to the creation of a cleaner world for our future generations.


Our mission is to become one of the most impactful energy companies in the world and, specifically, to do so by introducing enormously beneficial and cost-effective energy technologies. We intend to create entire ecosystems from clean hydrogen generation and its storage to its safe and economical transportation, and release. Enabling governments and industrial and commercial users of energy the tools needed to drive the world’s energy transition from reliance on fossil fuels and to more humanity-friendly energy sources, the world and all its inhabitants will soon be able to benefit from the availability of clean, sustainable energy.

Founder Statement

Michael Stusch

Michael Stusch,

Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Clean hydrogen is a key part of carbon-reduction strategies worldwide and the international fight against climate change. In 2021, countries around the globe released hydrogen roadmaps with more than 200 projects and more than $70 billion USD public funding. Investment is expected to grow to $300 billion USD by 2030. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates will be hosting the next United Nation’s Climate Change Conferences (COP 27 in November 2022 and COP 28 in November 2023), at which more ambitious targets and already implemented measures to address climate change will be debated among world leaders.

We as a subsidiary of H2-Enterprises Group are constantly working on the development and implementation of technological solutions that are required to achieve the global energy transition and to shape the future hydrogen world. Our contribution to this can be found in our unique technology “Developed in Germany” based on the international competence of our colleagues in the USA, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Chile, India, Egypt, South Africa and many other regions of the world.

With H2-Industries’ LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) storage and transport technology we bring hydrogen, no matter how and where it was produced, to wherever it is needed, whether for use in its original, gaseous form, or to provide electricity.

LOHC as a carrier for hydrogen has many physical and chemical similarities to diesel. Thus, LOHC can be transported using existing infrastructure for liquid fuels such as oil tankers, trains or trucks, even existing oil pipelines and storage facilities can be used. Because of its excellent energy storage properties, low costs, and unproblematic toxicity and handling, LOHC is the safest and most economical ways to store and transport hydrogen.

Of course, LOHC is predestined to be used together with another H2-Enterprises technology: Our Waste-to-Hydrogen solution uniquely addresses two of the biggest environmental problems of our time, pollution from huge, ever-growing amounts of waste and the generation of clean and affordable energy. Our parent company H2-Enterprises can convert-recyclable plastics and other organic waste into zero-CO2 emission, competitively priced, clean hydrogen, and then store it safely and economically with our LOHC technology and transport it to its customer on demand.

I am very proud to work at H2-Industries and at the other companies in our Group with a team of highly qualified employees, partners and consultants with local and international experience who are focused on realizing our goal to “creating the hydrogen world” and to carry out their tasks with the greatest precision and competence. In addition, we work with numerous, selected technology partners to bundle all available resources in the areas of hydrogen production, storage, transport, trading and hydrogen-based applications in the interest of common goals.

Finally, we are very fortunate to have the support of an Advisory Board made up of eminent personalities with a wealth of experience in technical, cultural, financial and political fields that are so important in our daily operational and strategic work.

I invite everyone, governments, industry representatives, project developers, technology providers and investors, to join us now in making a real contribution to the global energy transition and to create the future hydrogen world.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Stusch

Advisory Board H2-Industries

H2-Industries has direct access to managers and decision-makers worldwide and is supported by a competent advisory board.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus G. Lederer,

Chairman Advisory Board


Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Blank,

Advisory Board

Dr. Goepfrich

Dr. Peter Goepfrich,

Advisory Board