Clean energy in remote areas without grid

Off-grid villages, boarder posts in desert or mountain locations, remote islands or critical infrastructure requiring 24-7 uninterrupted energy supply using back-up generators all have something important in common. They cannot count on required energy being available when needed from electrical grids. Many, today, use off-grid generators to produce electricity from fossil fuels. Often, high costs and supply chain issues pose a serious threat to their production capabilities.

Rapid replacement of existing off-grid power generation infrastructure is possible through the use of clean hydrogen which has the potential to make power supply to remote and off-grid locations more consistent, reliable and cost-effective.

This can be accomplished without grid connectivity. H2-Industries can provide clean hydrogen at competitive prices through its Waste-to-Hydrogen technology and H2-Industries’  LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) storage, transport and release technologies. Providing clean electricity independent from grid availability can be accomplished at any location, when and where required. Alternatively, our parent company H2-Enterprises can produce clean hydrogen right where it is needed, using Waste-to-Hydrogen technologies.

With clean hydrogen solutions for off-grid applications from H2-Industries, people living and working in remote areas can now increase availability of needed energy, whilst making their contribution to reducing GHG emissions.

h2 enterprises epower

Military or border post without electricity connection

h2 enterprises islands

Remote Islands

h2 enterprises utilities

villages in developing countries


Power supply of mines without grid connection

h2 enterprises erelease container

eRELEASE units from H2-Industries

h2 enterprises erelease rack

eRELEASE racks from H2-Industries