Energy supply for residential and commercial buildings with clean hydrogen

Fighting global warming and climate change is not just the responsibility of industries, the transport sector or energy suppliers. Residential and commercial buildings, or rather those who live and work in them, must also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and find a way to heat and meet their electricity needs without using fossil fuels.


H2-Enterprises has technologies for production, storage and conversion of clean hydrogen into electrical or thermal energy that can already be used in large-scale industrial projects. Large quantities of clean hydrogen can already be produced without CO2 being emitted into our atmosphere (Waste-to-Hydrogen), transported safely and inexpensively to any location and used there, among other things, for the CO2-free production of electricity or for the production of very high temperatures needed in industrial processes (LOHC).


From 2025, H2-Industries will also offer this technology as a complete system solution “ePOWER” andeRELEASE” for private homes and for commercial buildings. ePOWER will allow its users to switch their source of energy completely to clean hydrogen and become independent of electricity, gas or other fossil fuels. For this purpose, clean hydrogen produced via Electrolyzers by H2-Industries is stored in the carrier medium LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) and delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep – as is today for domestic heating oil. The LOHC carrier medium can be safely stored in conventional tanks inside or outside of the building. The clean hydrogen bound in the LOHC is then released via an ePOWER or eRELEASE system as required and converted into either thermal power or electrical power – depending on requirements and -of course- modularly scalable. The discharged LOHC is simply exchanged for charged LOHC at the next refueling. ePOWER and eRELEASE systems from H2-Industries make the energy supply of buildings CO2-emission-free and independent of suppliers of fossil energy – an ecologically and economically trend-setting solution.

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