We produce green hydrogen and store it for safe transport in LOHC

We fulfill the following UN Sustainability Development Goals


We want to live in a world where emission-free, sustainable energy is available everywhere, and affordable and safe for everyone. With our Waste to hydrogen and LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) technology, human beings now have the ability to stop climate change and everyone can contribute to a clean world for future generations.


Our mission is to become the most compelling energy company for the generations to come by introducing enormously beneficial energy technologies. We intend to create an entire ecosystem enabling businesses, homeowners and governments to manage renewable energy – from generation and storage, to transportation and consumption.

Using LOHC technology to store energy

The solution for the great problem to store energy

There is a solution to the long-standing problem of a lack of efficient energy storage solutions.Electricity is used to produce hydrogen from water, through electrolysis. In this process, hydrogen becomes chemically bound in a proprietary fluid, LOHC, which liquid carries the hydrogen, safely, and which can store energy safely in scalable, compact storage systems, which are

environmentally friendly (emission-free),

and with virtually unlimited storage capacity,

LOHC can be stored and transported at normal ambient temperatures and pressures. Fuel cells can then be used to produce emission-free electricity from the LOHC and once the hydrogen is extracted from the LOHC, the carrier fluid can be recharged, and used again and again. The energy storage capacity of H2-Industries technology is decoupled (energy is bound in LOHC and gets released from LOHC) from the installed power of a unit (due to inexpensive LOHC tanks). This makes H2-Industries technology solution more cost efficient than any “battery“ technologies currently in use for large scale energy storage.

H2-Industries and the SDGs

Our goal is to help preserve this planet for human beings. We intend to do this by working to fulfill the United Nations sustainable development goals by developing groundbreaking solutions that address current energy issues and, as well, related mobility problems.

We offer solutions


Clean water

Clean water and hygiene – H2-Industries does not believe in wasting resources and our technology now allows us to use what used to be discarded as “waste heat” to now desalinate sea water, to not only benefit global agriculture but to also raise hygiene standards especially in regions threatened by long term water shortages

Clean Energy

H2-Industries’s goal is to expand the use of renewable energy and thereby drive down costs – Using our eBLOCK and oBLOCK technologies, we are now in a position to help assure clean, emission-free energy can be accessed, anytime, anywhere and without restriction.

Industry and infrastructure

Promotion of infrastructure and innovation –LOHC technology can benefit infrastructure weak regions by offering them cost effective, emission-free decentralized energy on a 24/7 basis, creating for such regions a sound foundation for economic growth and the long-term health of societies.


For sustainable, secure, and affordable living space. – Using our eSTORE and eRELEASE products to power and heat buildings, residential structures may be transformed into come emission-free, sustainable living spaces.

Climate Policy

Regulation of emissions and promotion of renewable energies – Renewable energies have not reached their optimal development due, in large part, to the historical inadequacy of cost-effective energy storage strategies. Because neither wind nor sun light is consistent, energy derived from them has had to be stored in expensive, short-term intermediate facilities. Thanks to our eSTOREs and eRELEASEs technologies, safe, inexpensive renewable energy can now be accessed, anytime and anywhere.

Life under water

Conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources – H2-Industries’s oBLOCK products produces hydrogen from what was once thought to be non-usable plastic waste.  Our technology has the ability to take plastic polluting our oceans and transform it into a hydrogen energy source, helping to create clean ocean habitats, securing food sources while simultaneously helping to clean the world’s seas of dangerous pollutants.

Life on land

Conservation of forests, deserts and mountain ecosystems – Our energy storage and waste recovery systems reduce CO2 emissions and help make our environments safer for future generations.


International cooperation to achieve goals – We intend to cooperate with companies and governments, worldwide, to help protect the environment for our children by creating safe, emission-free hydrogen available, globally.

Currently available solutions

Why our groundbreaking solution is needed?

Solar parks, wind farms and the chemical industry

H2-Industries stores energy in the form of hydrogen and it does so, safely and on either short- or long-term bases. Surplus electricity from solar parks and wind farms is produced by the integrated electrolyzers of our eSTOREs. The hydrogen is chemically bound directly in our (LOHC which remains stable, under normal, ambient conditions. Our H2STOREs are able to store unused hydrogen from chemical processes, directly, in our H2STORE eCELL without upstream electrolysis (hydrogen produced by using electrical power to separate hydrogen and oxygen). The chemical industry can now safely transport, deliver the re-used hydrogen. The eRELEASE not only releases hydrogen – but integrated fuel cells will convert LOHC carried hydrogen into electricity, producing emission-free power, while releasing heat for other productive purposes.

Steel, glass and cement industry

Hydrogen bound in LOHC can be delivered with the same existing, proven infrastructure that is currently used to deliver fossil fuels, e.g. diesel fuel, wherever it is needed. Our H2RELEASE technology is suitable for industries that use hydrogen for their processes. For example, our technology is well-positioned to make a significant contribution to reducing emissions in the steel, glass and cement industries.

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Hydrogen from plastic waste

Every year, more than 250 million tons of plastic waste are worldwide. H2-Industries uses this waste as a resource in CO2-captured hydrogen production by thermolysis, a process which burns organic waste but avoids emissions, other than CO2, this technology works in synergy with our H2STORE technology (in our oSTORE-system) or with Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells, in our oPOWER-system, or, alternatively, may release hydrogen directly in our oH2-system.  Plastic choking our oceans and landfills can, thus, be transformed into a climate-friendly source of hydrogen. All process emissions, such as CO2, can be easily collected and refined for later use in other industries.

Saltwater distillation

In arid regions such as the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), fresh water supply is a major problem. Our eDISTILLER is able to use waste heat from H2-Industries eSTORE, H2STORE and oSTORE products to facilitate the cost and power-efficient desalination of sea water.


Air-conditioning systems

Large buildings and industrial complexes require lots of energy for their air-conditioning systems. Our eCHILLER is able to use the waste heat of the eSTORE, H2STORE and oSTORE systems to power air cooling systems on an emission-free basis.

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Transporting energy

LOHC technology allows stored (hydrogen) energy to be transported to any location using existing infrastructure.



H2-Industries’s retrofittable LOHC solutions can provide for an emission-free, all-electric ship propulsion system – in other words, diesel fuel and heavy oil will no longer be needed in the maritime shipping sector.


Power plants

H2-Industries’s energy storage technology makes it possible to convert coal fire power plants to hydrogen fueled plants by using our systems oH2 and H2RELEASE. Safe and cost effective LOHC may, ultimately, enable the phase out of nuclear power plants without the loss of energy outputs or cost efficiencies in the power industry instrumentalities that can generate energies in the gigawatt range.


Backup power without diesel

Our LOHC generator solutions provide a clean, reliable and uninterruptible power supply.


Supplying power without a grid

With our photovoltaic LOHC solutions, solar energy can generate clean and consistently available electricity – even in remote locations, and can do so safely and inexpensively, as needed.


Municipal utilities

Our energy storage technology can help stabilize power grids, by allowing currently needed reserve power plants to be shut down and expensive network upgrades eliminated, in favor of LOHC storage systems which can make electric power available, consistently and cheaply.

Future development projects

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LOHC based drive systems will be able to significantly reduce truck emissions. Such systems will be used as range extenders (the LOHC system will be charging the batteries even as the fill up will be handled traditionally, as occurs with filling up with Diesel) for eTRUCKs.



H2-Industries range extenders will allow for a significant increase in vehicle range while reducing load time.



H2-Industries’s LOHC technology will enable trains to run without any emissions and, as well, to be quickly refueled.

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Substantially improved aircraft propulsion systems using LOHC will be in a position to revolutionize flight and, in particular, emission-free flying.

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