We make hydrogen storable and transportable

And fulfill the following SDGs of the UN with LOHC

Using LOHC technology to store energy

The solution for the great problem to store energy

Electricity is used to produce hydrogen from water through electrolysis. The hydrogen is chemically bound in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC), an oily organic liquid. LOHC energy storage systems are


environmentally friendly (emission-free),

scalable and

have an almost unlimited storage capacity.

The charged LOHC+ can be stored and transported at ambient temperature and pressure. Fuel cells can then be used to produce emission-free electricity from the LOHC+. The discharged LOHC- can be recharged. The energy storage capacity of our technology is decoupled from the installed power of a unit (due to inexpensive LOHC tanks), which makes our solution more cost efficient than any other traditional “battery“ for large scale energy storage.

H2-Industries and the SDGs

Our goal is to preserve the planet for humans. We have the groundbreaking solutions for current energy supply and mobility problems.

We are not looking for problems, but deliver the solutions.

Clean water

Clean water and hygiene – By using waste heat from our STORE products in seawater desalination plants, we are countering increasing water shortages by supplying fresh water. This is increasingly important for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region), that relies on ocean water for their fresh water source. In this way we raise the hygiene standards in developing countries and ensure the self-sufficiency of food supply.

Clean Energy

The goal is the use of renewable energy – By using our STOREs and RELEASEs, clean, emission-free energy can be used at any time and without restrictions.

Industry and infrastructure

For sustainable, secure and affordable living space – By using our eSTOREs and eRELEASEs the power and heat supply of buildings becomes CO2-free and thus more sustainable.


For sustainable, secure and affordable living space – By using our eSTORE- and eRELEASE- eBLOCKs the power and heat supply of buildings becomes CO2-free and thus more sustainable.

Climate Policy

Regulation of emissions and promotion of renewable energies – Renewable energies have deficits in storage, due to the lack of constant wind and sun they have to be stored safely in intermediate facilities. Thanks to our eSTOREs and eRELEASEs, renewable energies can be used at any time.

Life under water

Conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources – Our oPOWER produces hydrogen from plastic waste out of the oceans and provides clean habitats in the oceans, thus helping to solve the plastic problem in the world’s seas.

Life on land

Conservation of forests, deserts and mountain ecosystems – Our energy storage and waste recovery systems reduce CO2 emissions and make our planet livable for future generations. The current devastation due to wild fires in the USA that claim many lives and destroy millions of acers of land can therefore be much better prevented and at least massively reduced. Plastic and organic waste is converted into hydrogen by our oPOWER and safely stored in LOHC.


International cooperation to achieve the goals – We cooperate with companies and governments worldwide to protect the environment for our children. Our technology is made to fit into government policies and corporate strategies, especially because it provides the absolut safe   production and application of reusable hydrogen.

Currently available solutions

To save the world our groundbreaking solution is needed

Solar parks, wind farms and the chemical industry

We store energy in the form of hydrogen safely and permanently. Surplus electricity from solar parks and wind farms is produced by the integrated electrolyzers of our eSTOREs. The hydrogen is chemically bound directly in the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) and therefore remains stable under normal conditions without volatilization. This is how we achieve the safe and permanent storage of energy. Our H2STOREs store unused hydrogen from chemical processes directly without upstream electrolysis. The chemical industry thus becomes part of a hydrogen-based energy supply.

Steel, glass and cement industry

Hydrogen bound in LOHC can be delivered with existing and proven infrastructure to wherever it is needed. Our H2RELEASE is suitable for industries that need hydrogen for their processes. We thus make a significant contribution to reducing emissions in the steel, glass and cement industries. The eRELEASE not only releases the hydrogen – the integrated fuel cells convert it into electricity and enable emission-free power and heat supply based on LOHC.

Hydrogen from plastic waste

Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste are produced in Europe, the USA and Asia alone. We use it as a resource for CO2-free hydrogen production by thermolysis and combine this process with our H2STORE technology in our oPOWER. The plastic waste from oceans and landfills can become with our technology a climate-friendly source of hydrogen, since all process emissions such as CO2 can be easily collected and refined for other industries.

Saltwater distillation

In arid regions such as the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), fresh water supply is a major problem. Our eDISTILLER uses the waste heat of the eSTORE, H2STORE or oPOWER product lines and enables a cost-efficient desalination of sea water.

Air-conditioning systems

Large buildings and industrial complexes require a lot of energy for air-conditioning systems. Our eCHILLER uses the waste heat of the eSTORE, H2STORE or oPOWER systems and thus cools CO2-free.

In pre-production series

Transporting energy

LOHC technology allows stored energy to be transported to any location using existing infrastructure


Our retrofittable LOHC solutions provide an emission-free, all-electric ship propulsion system – diesel is no longer needed.

Power plants

Our energy storage technology makes it possible to economically realise large, multi-redundant power plants in the gigawatt range and can replace nuclear power plants.

Backup power without diesel

Our LOHC generator solutions provide a clean, reliable and uninterruptible power supply.

Supplying power without a grid

With our photovoltaic LOHC solutions, solar energy can be used to generate clean electricity – even in remote locations.

Municipal utilities

Our energy storage technology allows power grids to be stabilised, unprofitable reserve power plants to be shut down and expensive network upgrades to be bypassed.

Future development projects


LOHC based drive systems will significantly reduce the emissions of trucks.


Our range extenders allow a significant increase in range and they significantly reduce the load time.


Our LOHC technology will enable trains to run without any emissions and to be quickly refueled.


Aircraft propulsion systems will also be feasible with LOHC and revolutionize the age of emission-free flying.

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