Dii Desert Energy

H2-Industries Role:

Via the Dii network, H2-Industries will be able to source unique business opportunities and position LOHC as a key means for storage and transport of green hydrogen.

Dii Desert Energy aims at reaching emission free energy value chains from flexible demand, storage, transport, green electrons (power) generation and conversion to ‘green molecules’ (e.g. Hydrogen, LOHC and other synthetic ‘green’ products) and the transport of ‘green electrons’ in the MENA region and supporting MENA to become a net exporter of green electrons and green molecules to the world markets.

Dii Associated Partners:

Dii desert energy as a “network of networks”


H2-Industries Role

  • Integrate design concepts for LOHC storage solutions for Helgoland with H2STORE and eRELEASE with stabilized 24/7 consistent power
  • Integrate design concepts for the island waste management with oSTORE and oPOWER
  • Integrate design concepts for saltwater desalination for all of Helgoland
  • Project management for power and waste solutions in Helgoland

Green hydrogen is central to the energy transition. The AquaVentus flagship project aims to set an example worldwide with climate-friendly hydrogen technology. With Helgoland in the German Bay, it has an optimal real laboratory to achieve the goals of the German and European long term hydrogen strategy.


H2-Industries Role

The LOHC storage solutions will be delivered by H2-Industries and the LOHC will be produced from coal through the Fischer-Tropsch CTL process

The aim of the > 300 MW solar projects is to build scalable solar power plants in order to meet Botswana’s and South Africa’s immediate electricity demands and for the region’s long-term consumption.


Rather than burn coal, we transform it into LOHC, a sustainable storage medium which can be recharged endlessly

Alternative Coal-to-Liquid LOHC production processes


H2-Industries Role

We anticipate our role in following areas:

  • Build up 50 GW Solar Power and 5 GW Wind Power with LOHC storage and saltwater desalinization for all of Namibia
  • Build a Production Facility for PV-Modules and LOHC components and other related Technologies
  • Project Management of H2-City

H2-City will be built as a self-sustaining emission-free city with living space and industrial production. The city will be located on the edge of the desert in South Namibia on the coast northeast of Lüderitz.

H2-City on Namibia‘s Coast with 50 GW Solar & LOHC Storage

H2-City is located northeast of Lüderitz

Photovoltaic (PV) and LOHC Components Production Facility

  • Renewable Power with LOHC storage with 24/7 consistent power
  • Production of Green Hydrogen for export
  • International LOHC port for supertankers, commercial and pleasure vessels
  • International Airport