Innovative energy storage with LOHC technology

Our products make renewable energy available 24/7 – it is safe, reliable and cost efficient. The basis of our offering are scalable energy storage and supply units combined with our LOHC tank system.

eStore - the storage racks

Our eStore product range consists of racks, each with a power output of 66 kW. As a modular system they can also be scaled up to supply several gigawatts. Our eStore products can be used with both large photovoltaic systems and wind farms. But this doesn’t stop any other renewable energy producers from benefiting from the almost unlimited energy storage options offered by our system. As a by-product of our energy storage process, heat is also produced that can be used for converting salt water into drinking water, indoor heating or water heating.

eRelease - the supply racks

The eRelease products have been designed to convert large quantities of stored regenerative energy back into electrical energy. The product range is based on modular 66 kW racks which can then be combined as desired. With an almost unlimited scalability, the eRelease racks are especially suitable for large energy suppliers and city utilities, as well as for any other customers requiring large amounts of renewable energy. We also developed 5 kW units for use in buildings or as a range extender for e-mobility.

eStorage - the tank system

The eStorage product range can only be used in combination with the eStore and eRelease product ranges. We offer tank systems to accommodate LOHC volumes from 5 m3 to 4000 m3. Such quantities of this energy carrier have energy generating capacities of between 5 MWh and 4000 MWh.

LOHC - the energy carrier

Our energy storage solutions are based on the energy carrier LOHC. We provide a liquid energy source with a certified purity for the storage of hydrogen in LOHC.