Using LOHC technology to store energy

The solution for the great problem to store energy

Electricity is used to produce hydrogen from water through electrolysis. The hydrogen is chemically bound in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC), an oily organic liquid. LOHC energy storage systems are


environmentally friendly (emission-free),

scalable and

have an almost unlimited storage capacity.

The charged LOHC+ can be stored and transported at ambient temperature and pressure. Fuel cells can then be used to produce emission-free electricity from the LOHC+. The discharged LOHC- can be recharged. The energy storage capacity of our technology is decoupled from the installed power of a unit (due to inexpensive LOHC tanks), which makes our solution more cost efficient than any other traditional “battery“ for large scale energy storage.

H2-Industries and the SDGs

Our goal is to preserve the planet for humans. We have the groundbreaking solutions for current energy supply and mobility problems.

We are not looking for problems, but deliver the solutions.

Clean water

Clean water protects people from disease, yet three in 10 people lack access to it.

Clean Energy

Targets for 2030 include using more renewable, affordable energy.

Industry and infrastructure

This involves building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation.


The UN wants to increase affordable housing and make settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable.

Climate action

Urgent action is needed, by regulating emissions and promoting renewable energy.

Life underwater

The aim is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

Life on land

To stop degradation, we must preserve forest, desert and mountain ecosystems.


If all countries are to achieve the goals, international cooperation is vital.

Our environmentally friendly solutions

Solutions for solar parks

Our LOHC energy storage solutions provide solar power around the clock – even at night.

Solutions for wind farms

With our energy storage technology, wind turbines deliver energy even when there is no breeze.

Solutions for buildings

By using our LOHC storage technology, energy is used more cleverly and costs are reduced.

Solutions for hot regions

Our LOHC energy storage solutions allow efficiently generated solar power to be stored and the generated heat to be used to produce fresh water from salt water.

Solutions for municipal utilities

Our energy storage technology allows power grids to be stabilised, unprofitable reserve power plants to be shut down and expensive network upgrades to be bypassed.

Solutions for transporting energy

LOHC technology allows stored energy to be transported to any location using existing infrastructure.

Solutions for backup power without diesel

Our LOHC generator solutions provide a clean, reliable and uninterruptible power supply.

Solutions for supplying power without a grid

With our photovoltaic LOHC solutions, solar energy can be used to generate clean electricity – even in remote locations.

Solutions for every kind of ship

Our retrofittable LOHC solutions provide an emission-free, all-electric ship propulsion system – diesel is no longer needed.

Solutions for rail transport

Our LOHC technology will enable trains to run without any emissions and to be quickly refueled.

Solutions for e-mobility

Our range extenders allow a significant increase in range and they significantly reduce the load time.

Solutions for power plants

Our energy storage technology makes it possible to economically realise large, multi-redundant power plants in the gigawatt range and can replace nuclear power plants.

Energy storage in comparison

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